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Sydney Funnel-Web Spiders • Red Back & Other Spiders • Spider Identification Chart
FIRST AID Procedures • Sydney Funnel-Web Spider Bite
Pressure Bandage  
Leg Immobilisation  
Keep Patient Calm & Rested to minimise movement and exertion by patient as any undue excitement causes the heart to pump blood (and venom) faster through the body to the heart and other vital organs.
Reassure the Patient that their life is not in danger • an anti-venom is available in NSW Ambulances and Public Hospitals Emergency Dept
Apply a Pressure Immobilisation Bandage wrapping along the entire limb bitten • not too tight • should be of similar tightness as for a sprained ankle. This compresses the tissue, thereby reducing the rate of flow of venom along the limbs.  As illustrated by the pictures to your left.
A Second Bandage can be applied in order to immobilise the affected limb using a splint - as shown on the lower picture. This will further minimise movement of the muscle of the affected limb in order to minimise the rate of blood flow and venom therein.
Seek Medical Aid & Hospitalisation ASAP
Call AMBULANCE Phone 000 • Ambulances in NSW carry the Funnel-web spider anti-venom and can efficiently transport the victim to hospital.
Collect the Spider for Positive Identificationif safe to do so.
Symptoms • Sydney Funnel-Web Spider Bite
INTENSE Pain at site of Biteunlike snake bites, the person feels great pain at the site of the bite.
Nausea & Abdominal Pain follow • with breathing difficulty and a general weakness or numbness of the muscles.
Profuse body secretions • Heavy sweating • Excessive saliva productionHeavy coughing.
THE GOOD NEWSNSW Ambulances & Public Hospitals in "Funnel-web Country" carry an effective anti-venom.
A FULL RECOVERY • Provided the Pressure Immobilisation method has been applied soon after a Sydney Funnel-Web spider bite and medical attention sought quickly • a few days in hospital is the usual outcome with complete recovery.
FIRST AID Procedures • Red-Back Spider Bite • Other Spider Bites
Do NOT use a bandage • As the venom of the Red-Back and other spiders moves very slowly, any attempt to restrict its progress would only serve to increase the associated pain, which can be excruciating.
Keep Patient Calm & Rested to minimise movement and efforts by patient as any undue excitement causes the heart to pump blood (and venom) faster through the body to the heart and other vital organs.
Reassure the Patient that their life is not in danger • a Red-Back spider bite anti-venom is available in NSW Ambulances and Public Hospitals Emergency Dept • other spider bites may cause moderate symptioms of nausea and sweating etc but are not known to be lethal to healthy people. However, extra care should be observed for the very young and frail elderly people.
USE AN ICE PACK on the site of Red-Back Spider Bite and other spider bites to reduce the swelling.
Seek Medical Aid & Hospitalisation ASAP
Call AMBULANCE • Phone 000 • Ambulances in NSW carry the Red-Back Spider Bite Anti-Venom and can efficiently transport the victim to hospital. With other spider bites you should assess the situation carefully.
Lethal ? If a Sydney Funnel-web spider or a Red-Back spider bite is suspected then follow the above procedures.
Collect the Spider for identification purposes • if safe to do so.
Symptoms • Red-Back Spider Bite • Other Venomous Spider Bites
  Red-Back Spider Bite - the fangs of a Red-Back Spider are tiny and it's bite may often go unnoticed • but, often a sharp pin-prick may be felt • which is generally followed by severe pain at the site of the bite, leading to more general pain.
Sweating occurs in varying degrees, particularly around site of the bite.
Swelling of the affected area is common, as is a quickening of the heart-beat.
Other Symptioms of venomous spider bites may include • headache • nausea • vomiting • dizziness • abdominal pain • and partial loss of muscle control.    
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  Same Family Business Since 1964 FUMAPEST Termite & Pest Control is a second generation family business. After almost 50 years of providing pest control in Ashfield Council Region, we have a valuable reputation to protect and a wealth of knowledge and experience, unmatched by our competitors.
BUSINESS ENTERPRISE AWARD FUMAPEST Termite & Pest Control received a Business Enterprise Award from NSW Govt Office of Small Business & Qantas for development of its EcoSafe Pest Control systems.
Accredited APCA Member FUMAPEST Termite & Pest Control is an Accredited Member and major supporter of the Australian Pest Control Association since 1987.
Industry Stewardship FUMAPEST Managing Director served on NSW Govt Pest Control Licensing Board and Standards Australia Committes for Termite Control AS3660 & Termite Inspection Reports AS4349.
Insurance Details FUMAPEST Termite & Pest Control maintains public liability and professional indemnity insurances to cover personal injury and faulty workmanship of up to $20 million and $1 million respectively.
WARNING: The NSW WorkCover Pest Control Licensing is INADEQUATE
Be Careful in selecting a Pest Controller Unfortunately - it is far too easy to get a NSW Government WorkCover issued pest control licence and start up a Pest Control business in NSW with little knowledge or experience in providing safe and effective pest control services click here for more details.
The NSW Pest Control Licensing system is subject to National Competency Assessment guidelines. Mediocre testing can be carried by Private Workplace Assessors (not part of TAFE system). The so called competency assessment can be a combination of oral, written and visual tests ie maybe 1% in writing.
Private Workplace Assessors are given general guidelines in the National Competency Standards but there is no set standard test or specific knowledge requirements. Once privately assessed as "competent" then the NSW WorkCover Pest Control Licensing will issue a pest control licence to the individual. There is no published list of Private Workplace Assessors so it is difficult to gauge the extent of the problem.
The System is Inadequate: Some Private Assessors offer a one week course. A person so issued with a pest control licence can set up a Pest Control business (not required to register with WorkCover) and employ an unlimited number of trainees, using pesticides in people's homes without direct personal supervision.
FUMAPEST Setting the Standard in an industry plagued by fly-by-night operators, FUMAPEST Termite & Pest Control stands out as a well established pest control business with excellent reputation in the market-place.
Same Family Business Since 1964 Termite & Pest Control Specialists.
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KORDON Termite Barrier for Builders Manufactured by Bayer Australia FUMAPEST Termite & Pest Control are Licensed KORDON Installers for building constructions in the Ashfield Council Region KORDON is CodeMark Accredited and meets Australian Building Code and Ashfield Council termite control requirements for buildings under construction a 10 year warranty applies backed by Bayer click here for more details.
Professionally Trained Technicians The FUMAPEST Termite & Pest Control Training Program regularly assesses and updates technician skills in the use of latest generation products and our EcoSafe Pest Control systems all termite control technicians have the APCA or TAFE Pest Control Certificate NSW Govt WorkCover Pest Control Licence and many years field-work experience in termite control.
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FUMAPEST Spider Identification Chart • Spiders in Inner West Sydney region
  FUMAPEST Spider Identification Chart with FIRST AID spider bite procedures - a ready reference guide in full colour of dangerous and venomous spiders in the Ashfield region.
Spiders featured in the Spider Chart Sydney funnel web spider red-back spider white-tail spider black house spider wolf spider mouse spider trap-door spider huntsman spider orb-weaver spider.
CLICK to view and print the FUMAPEST Spider Chart
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