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CONTENTS Summary KORDON Termite Barrier System How KORDON Protects a Building from Termites BCA CodeMark Pittwater Council DA Compliant KORDON TMB Termite & Moisture Barrier PDF Articles on KORDON Termite Barrier About FUMAPEST Licensed KORDON Installers Since 1998
KORDON Termite Barrier Installers since 1998 KORDON Termite Barrier Installed During Building Construction Complies with BCA AS:3660.1 and Local Council DA Conditions
FUMAPEST Termite Control Licensed Installers of KORDON Termite Barrier in buildings during construction, since 1998 PITTWATER Council DA Compliant KORDON 10 Year Warranty with Annual FUMAPEST Inspection.
KORDON Termite Barrier installed in or around wall cavities retaining walls infill slabs raft slabs step-down slabs plumbing penetrations other construction types to form an impenetrable barrier against termites.
KORDON Termite & Moisture Barrier where installed completely under a concrete slab on-ground flooring.
Quality Assured Product made by BAYER Australia designed to suit local conditions safe effective dependable.
CodeMark Certified KORDON has been extensively examined and tested by leading authorities ABSAC BAYER BCA Building Code of Australia CSIRO FUMAPEST Termite Control PITTWATER
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How KORDON Termite Barrier Protects a Building
KORDON Termite Barrier is made of a geotextile fibrous webbing containing a termiticide chemical, ie deltamethrin, which is sandwiched between 2 sheets of plastic. Deltamethrin is highly repellant - deadly to termites on contact.
Unlike Various Alternatives: KORDON Termite Barrier is efficient when installed by a trained professional.

Proven Successful Termite Barrier: FUMAPEST has installed KORDON Termite Barrier in thousands of homes in the Northern Beaches Region without one single termite problem - it has proven 100% effective in providing a termite barrier in accordance with BCA and Local Council requirements.
KORDON Repels or Kills termites that attempt to go around or through the KORDON Termite Barrier in a wall cavity. The chemical contained in the fibrous webbing in the KORDON product (ie deltamethrin) is a highly effective termiticide.
Reliable: The KORDON Termite Barrier product has an inherent confidence level not afforded by alternative products on the market. It really works. For this reason the KORDON Termite Barrier product is the preferred termite barrier product by leading home and commercial builders and specified by architects in all conditions across Australia.
KORDON is CodeMark Certified & LOCAL Council DA Compliant
KORDON Termite Barrier is a powerful termite and moisture barrier solution fully permitted in compliance with the Building Code of Australia. KORDON Termite Barrier has CSIRO-ABSAC Appraisal that it meets necessary performance requirements. The effective life of the KORDON product has been assessed at greater than 50 years.
CodeMark Accreditation: the building product certification scheme of the Australian Building Codes Board. Building products. Product systems displaying the CodeMark logo have been assessed to comply with Building Code of Australia.
Independently assessed CodeMark is an independent assessment under Government supervision. The building industry and consumers can be confident the results and statements are in their best interests.
BCA compliance: KORDON Termite Barrier complies with the BCA - Volume 1: BP1.1 and BP1.2 and Volume 2: P2.1, as these sections relate to subterranean termite protection.
Advantages of the KORDON TMB as a Termite Moisture Barrier
Convenience for Builders: It's simple, yet ingenious design is uniquely suited to effective and efficient installation on a building site with minimum disruption and organisation by the head building contractor. The average perimeter installation only takes a few hours and becomes an integral part of the building process.

Flexibility of Application: KORDON Termite Barrier is sufficiently flexible to meet even the most difficult and complicated situations, such as, buildings with multiple penetrations or step downs. KORDON can be molded around unusual shapes and can quickly be cut and joined to form a continuous barrier.
Made Tough for Building Site Conditions: It takes a sharp knife to cut KORDON, a blunt object has little chance of penetrating the product. If a hole is made accidentally, it can be easily repaired.
Consistency of Product: Each square metre of KORDON Termite Barrier contains a consistent rate of 1 gram of deltamethrin. KORDON is manufactured to strict quality guidelines and quality control procedures by BAYER Australia.
Long Term Warranty: When correctly installed by a BAYER accredited installer, the KORDON Termite Barrier system provides a 10 year warranty issued by FUMAPEST and BAYER Australia.
Effective 50 YEAR Life of the Building: Based on expert research and testing, BAYER has concluded the effective life of the KORDON product is more than 50 years - exceeding the standard BCA test for "life of a building" protection.

Environmentally Safe: BAYER has declared KORDON to be harmless to people and an allergy free product. In fact, KORDON Termite Barrier is recommended for primary schools and for aged care buildings. The deltamethrin chemical is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide - meaning it is modeled on the natural extract of the pyrethrum plant.
BUILDERS BEWARE the RISK of Future Termite Problems
A Risk You Do NOT Need: Builders should be very careful about who they select to install a termite management system in a building during construction. If the installer is here today, gone tomorrow this could leave the Builder, for decades to come, with serious problems involving termites and associated legal and compensation problems.
Ring the Experts: The success of any termite barrier installed during construction depends upon the skill and integrity of the installer, and the quality of the product. KORDON is manufactured by BAYER to exacting standards and it's quality assurance system for licensed installers is rigorous. FUMAPEST has been a licensed installer since 1998.
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About FUMAPEST Termite Control ... Our Credentials
Same Family Business Since 1964 after 55 years of providing termite control services in the Northern Beaches region, we have acquired a wealth of experience and expertise, unmatched by our competitors.
Award Winner FUMAPEST Termite Control received a Business Enterprise Award from the NSW Govt Office of Small Business for development of its EcoSafe pestcontrol technologies.
APCA Member FUMAPEST is a member the Australian Pest Control Association; regularly assists APCA Secretariat in providing professional advice to consumers with pest control problems; pesticide safety issues and training courses.
Industry Stewardship FUMAPEST Director served on NSW Govt Pest Control Licence Board and Standards Australia Committees, namely for Termite Control AS.3660 & Termite Inspection Reports AS.4349.
Professional Insurance Details FUMAPEST Termite Control maintains public liability and professional indemnity insurance for personal injury and faulty workmanship cover of $20m and $1m respectively.

Quality Assured Personnel professionally trained in the installation of KORDON Termite Barriers in a wide variety of situations. They are regularly audited and assessed for quality assurance. In addition, our KORDON Service Manger and On-site Installers possess the APCA or TAFE Pest Control Certificate; a NSW Govt Pest Control Licence and many years field-work experience in termite control in existing homes prior to their training in KORDON Installations.
KORDON Installers in the Northern Beaches Region
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