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Domestic Pest Control Specialists • whether it be termites, ants, cockroaches, rats or some other nasty household pest • we have the answer to safely protect your family's health and property.
Same Family Business Since 1964 • FUMAPEST is a second generation family business. After more than 55 years of providing pest control in the South Sydney Area, we have acquired a wealth of experience and expertise, unmatched by our competitors.
Award Winner • FUMAPEST Termite & Pest Control received a Business Enterprise Award from the NSW Govt Office of Small Business for development of its EcoSafe Pest Control technologies.
Industry stewardship • FUMAPEST Director served on the NSW Govt Pest Control Licensing Board and Standards Australia Committees on AS.3660 Termite Control and AS.4349 Termite Inspection Reports.
Fully insured • FUMAPEST has public liability and professional indemnity insurance to cover claims personal injury and faulty workmanship • includes repairs for subsequent termite damage to buildings • up to $10 million and $1 million respectively • FUMAPEST has not made an insurance claim related to termite problems for more than 20 years.
Professional technicians • FUMAPEST Pest Control Training Program regularly assesses technician skills in use of latest generation products • all termite control technicians have APCA or TAFE Pest Control Certificate • NSW Govt WorkCover Pest Control Licence • and many years field-work experience in termite control.
Setting the Standard in an industry many fly-by-night operators, FUMAPEST Pest Control stands out as a well established pest control business with an excellent reputation in the market-place.
FUMAPEST Spider Chart • Spiders in South Sydney region
  FUMAPEST Spider Identification Chart with FIRST AID spider bite procedures - a ready reference guide in full colour of dangerous and venomous spiders in the Botany Bay region.
Spiders featured in the Spider Chart Sydney funnel web spider red-back spider white-tail spider black house spider wolf spider mouse spider trap-door spider huntsman spider orb-weaver spider.
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