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Tailor-Made Programs Sensitive Environments
Food Handling Premises restaurants cafes bakeries hotels clubs function centres and other food processing premises where a safe pest-free environment is essential to meet Local Council NSW Food Act and O.H.&.S obligations FUMAPEST provide tailor-made Lane Cove Council Food Act NSW compliant pest control programs for cockroaches, rats, mice, stored product pests, ants, flies and other food pest infestations.

Health Care Facilities hospitals nursing homes retirement villages are treated with special care and attention to health and safety considerations FUMAPEST Commercial Pest Control provides EcoSafe Pest Control Technologies for ultra sensitive environments discrete service options are available.

Educational schools colleges child care centres churches and other sensitive environments where the occupants and visitors to the premises have every right to expect a safe, sanitary pest free environment FUMAPEST Commercial Pest Control provides a FREE on-site inspection, quotation and specifications for the safest pest control methods available. Safety first emphasis on non-chemical methods.

Offices factories manufacturing warehousing supermarkets where employee and visitor safety is paramount FUMAPEST Commercial Pest Control uses the safest pesticides and methods and provides professional documentation to meet requirements of Food Act health inspectors and HACCP quality assurance system auditors.

Rental Premises hotels motels serviced apartments backpacker hostels and other accomodation premises where keeping a property pest-free is required to maintain high occupancy rates we provide immediate response to infestations of bed bugs, cockroaches, rats and mice servicing the Region.
Authoritive PDF Articles Pest Control in Commercial Food Premises
NSW Food Authority Pest Control in Food Businesses PDF Essential Reading for NSW Food Business Managers Legal Requirements for Pest Control in NSW Food Premises Food Act NSW Food Standards Code Local Council Food Safety Inspections NSW Food Authority Compliance & Enforcement Policy HACCP Pest Control Methods for Cockroaches Rats Mice Flies Ants Pigeons Other Pests in Food Premises.
Pest Management for Food Businesses in Australia PDF Identification of Food Pest Species Integrated Pest Management HACCP Methods Legal Aspects Reporting & Documentation Advice on Choosing a Pest Controller.
NPMA Pest Control Standards for USA Food Premises PDF NPMA National Pest Management Association in USA Employee Identification Uniforms Security & Criminal Background Checks Vehicles Minimum Training Standards for Technicians Rodent Birds Pest Management Survey Quality Assurance Annual Training Reporting Contracts Labels & Safety Data Sheets Pest Sighting Log Service Protocols & Standard Operating Procedures Service & Treatment Records Pest Management Inspection Reports Sample of Risk Assessment.
Pest Control Procedures in UK Food Industy PDF Excellent Advice on Food Safety in the Control of Rats & Mice Cockroaches Flies Ants Stored Product Insects Birds & Other Vertebrates Inspection & Auditing of Food Premises Pest Prevention Non-chemical Methods Chemical Methods Pest Control Contracts.
Common Pests in Food Handling Premises
Cockroaches carry diseases such as salmonella, dysentery, gastroenteritis and other stomach complaint organisms. Cockroaches adulterate food and spread pathogenic organisms with their faeces and defensive secretions. Uncontrolled infestations are the most common cause of food handling premises being prosecuted by Food Safety Authorities.
Rats live in sewers or other unsanitary places are known carries of diseases and health risks to humans from their droppings and constant incontinence rats use such urine trails to find their way in the dark.
Flies are common in food handling premises especially drain flies which feed on organic matter and sewage, and congregate in floor drains, sinks, around windows and commonly fall into food product inside commercial kitchens and food storage areas also common are fruit flies which arrive with fresh fruit produce which reproduce very quickly. Both have a negative effect on customer goodwill as they are seen as a sign of unhygienic premises.
Ants can overnight invade a commercial kitchen and pantry in huge numbers spoiling food biting or crawling over occupants in effect being a total pest.